Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ready or not, here we come!

We're in West Virginia, listening to the Partridge Family sing about "Point me in the direction of Albuquerque." It's a bit too late for that map entry. (David Cassidy was my main heart throb when I was about 12. Carrie says Bobby Sherman was hers.)

I searched for two weeks for the perfect ring to buy. I wanted an authentic Native American created treasure that I could afford. I found my ring in Durango, CO. It's sterling silver with an oval charolite stone. Charolite is purple (shocker, I know!) with white shadows. Today I lost my ring. Carrie called the hotel in Kentucky to ask if they'd found it. They didn't find it. I was so upset. St. Anthony was summoned - again. Carrie just found my ring in the black hole between the seat and the console! I'm so happy!

Yesterday, I drove for at least 15 minutes through "flat rock" rain like you couldn't believe. (My mom always said rain like that is like a cow peeing on a flat rock!) There was so much lightning and the heaviest rain I've ever driven in. I was so tense by the time my them was over.

We just passed five really long flat bed trucks transporting blades of the huge wind mills from the wind farms we passed in Kansas. Mammoth! I think wind power is such a great solution.

We are both ready to snuggle up in our own beds tonight after we get caught up with our families. Alaiyna learned to crawl while we have been gone. I can't wait to watch!

(Ewwwwww! Not ANOTHER dead skunk!)

Thanks for all your well-wishes, funny comments, prayers and support as we've shared our wacky adventure!

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  1. I am so glad that you two got to share this crazy adventure together. I have also enjoyed reading about your adventures and living vicariously through you. Welcome home!